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University of the Philippines - Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH)


The Philippine General Hospital (PGH) is a tertiary state-owned hospital administered and operated by the University of the Philippines Manila (UP). It is the largestgovernment hospital administered by the university, and is designated as the National University Hospital. It is the biggest hospital in the country with a 1,500-bed capacity. It is a mixed-use hospital, with 1,000 beds for indigent patients and 500 beds for private patients.



The PGH, globally competitive and committed to the health of the Filipino people, through networking and teamwork of competent, compassionate and ethical health professionals, shall be the center of excellence and leadership in health care training and research that impacts on health policies.



  • To render quality health care through effective teamwork.
  • To train health care professionals to become competent, humane and ethical health care providers, educators, and leaders.
  • To undertake biomedical and health system researches which serve as basis for relevant health policies.
  • To develop a referral network and evolve as the center for complex health care problems.
  • To be the role model for health care delivery.


Program Overview

The University of the Philippines College of Medicine – Philippine General Hospital was the first institution accredited by the Philippine Society of Nephrology to have a formal training program for the field of Nephrology in the country.  The first nephrology training fellow was Dr. Josefino Ramos who is now practicing in Davao City.  Since the development of the UP-PGH subspecialty training program in Nephrology, the section has produced 102 graduates already and these graduates are now leaders of Medicine and Nephrology in their own locale, be it in Metro Manila, in their respective provinces, or abroad. 


The two-year fellowship training program provides the trainee with the clinical experience and expert guidance needed to fulfil the requirements to become a diplomate and eventually fellow of the Philippine Society of Nephrology.  Three to four fellows are accepted every year.  Trainees are given the opportunity to manage cases in the outpatient clinics twice a week and in the general medical wards and the pay wards all year round, and referrals from various sections and departments in the hospital requiring a nephrologist’s inputs.  The fellows are also expected to be able to perform basic hemodialysis and chronic peritoneal dialysis procedures. They are also expected to produce at least 2 research outputs (prospective/retrospective).


The section also conducts a chronic renal disease (CRD) class periodically in fulfilment of its commitment to the education of patients and their families as well as the general public.


 Section of Nephrology Vision

The UP-PGH Section of Nephrology, globally competitive, committed to the health of the Filipino people served by competent, compassionate, and ethical health professionals working as a team, shall be the center of excellence and leadership in renal health care, training, and research that creates an impact on health policies.

 Shared Vision with PGH

We are a community of first-rate, highly energized, socially-responsible health care professionals and workers collectively regaining and enhancing the national and international image of UP-PGH as the Filipino people’s foremost center/national university hospital showcasing excellence and leadership in client service, training, research, and governance.

 Shared Vision with PSN

The UP-PGH Section of Nephrology adheres to the highest standards of excellence in training and research in the field of Nephrology.  It commits itself to train and regulate its fellows, residents, and students and support its alumni, to enable them to be globally competitive, ethical, excellent, and compassionate.

The section is committed to the highest quality care for patients as it leads renal related public health programs, especially those that are relevant to the Filipino people.

 Mission Statement

  • Training
  • Service
  • Research
  • Leadership


 Regular Conferences

The section has a weekly conference every Monday 11am to 3pm and may be of the following formats:

  • Topic conference on any of the 10 nephrologic syndromes
  • Transplant conference
  • Quarterly hemodialysis census
  • Uro-nephrologic conference with the Division of Urology
  • Monthly mortality review


Application Process

Last week of January
Deadline of submission of application to the Office of the Deputy Director on Hospital Operations (ODDHO)
February 1st week
Pre-fellowship entrance examination administered by department/chief resident
February 1st week (post exam) upto March 1st  week
Pre-fellowship period, in-service/section entrance examination, interview by section
March 2nd week
Announcement of final list of accepted fellows
March to May
Processing of employment papers, pre-employment medical examinations
June 1
Start of fellowship

Medical Staff

 Organization/Training Staff

  • RAYMOND S. ALONSO, M.D., Chief, PGH Hemodialysis Unit
  • ANNE MARGARET J. ANG, M.D., Consultant Coordinator for Peritoneal Dialysis
  • BRIAN MICHAEL I. CABRAL, M.D., Consultant Coordinator for Kidney Transplantation
  • CORALIE THERESE D. DIMACALI, M.D., Consultant Coordinator – UPCM LU4 Excretory Module
  • MARIA ISABEL D. DUAVIT, M.D., Consultant Coordinator for Research
  • LYNN A. GOMEZ, M.D., Section Chief
  • IRMINGARDA P. GUECO, M.D., Consultant Coordinator for Outpatient Services
  • AGNES D. MEJIA, M.D., Dean, UP-Manila College of Medicine
  • ELIZABETH S. MONTEMAYOR, M.D. , Chair, Department of Physiology
  • REY JAIME M. TAN, M.D. , Training Officer & Assistant Chair for Extension Services, UP-PGH Department of Medicine


 Current Trainees

Second Years:

  • Marymil Dignadice
  • Dan Michael Dones
  • Janice Jill Lao (Chief Fellow)
  • Rizza Ann Lio
  • Floravil Mabras
  • Nicole Reyes
  • Ligaya Santa Yapching


First Years:

  • Maristel Juan
  • Trisha Manalaysay
  • Ruby Menia
  • Girlie Merdegia
  • Jan Zapanta



  • 1977 Ramos, Josefino A.
  • 1978 Comia-Sioson, Aquilina
  • 1979 Maguad, Ruben A.
  • 1980 Guangko, Amelita S.
  • 1981 Collantes, Nenita A.
  • 1982
  • 1983 Pine, Florencio J.
  • 1984 Herrera, Elsie
  • 1984 Mata, Grace
  • 1985 Ong, Florencio
  • 1985 Salazar-Montemayor, Elizabeth B.
  • 1986 Almazan-Gomez, Lynn C.
  • 1987 Amante, Jonathan C.
  • 1987 Tam, James Y.
  • 1988 Alonso, Raymond S.
  • 1988 Chan, Rufino E.
  • 1988 Padilla, Benita S.
  • 1988 Reyes, Roman Victor A.
  • 1989 Carpio, Antonio R.
  • 1990 Dioquino-Dimacali Coralie Therese
  • 1990 Limchiu Luis V.
  • 1990 Roldan, Emmanuel Dindo U.
  • 1991 Javellana, Ofelia P.
  • 1991 Lim, Ruby G.
  • 1991 Santos, Jose Mari
  • 1992 Estrella, Agnes Bridget I.
  • 1992 Lim, Alexander V.
  • 1992 Quiza, Cesar G.
  • 1993 Caro, Helen P.
  • 1993 Malata-Magbanua, Leila
  • 1993 Velasco, Martina Cecilia A.
  • 1994 Enrique-Facturan, Ma. Elizabeth
  • 1994 Lagabon, Susie Lorevi I.
  • 1995 Eslaban, Ma. Bernadette I.
  • 1995 Flauta, Jovi S.
  • 1995 Maleficio-Villaflor, Agnes Jean G.
  • 1995 Noche, Dalia Elvah C.
  • 1996 Quilop-Biteng, Virginia
  • 1996 Sy, Rafael B.
  • 1996 Yu, Danny Y.
  • 1997 Cabotaje-Crisostomo, Arlene
  • 1997 Gomez, Hilario Abel B.
  • 1997 Jao, Girlie P.
  • 1998 Maravilla, Ma. Socorro
  • 1998 Valdez, Josephine R.
  • 1999 Bautista, Lucilyn A.
  • 1999 Hernandez, Esther Jane L.
  • 1999 Ramon-Tomas, Ma. Remedios J.
  • 1999 Veluz-Cantada Imee R.
  • 1999 Villanueva-Tay, Melvi
  • 2000 Blancaver, Rene B.
  • 2000 De Leon-Duavit, Maria Isabel M.
  • 2000 Mabanag, Oliver Nicolas P.
  • 2000 Montero Louis J.
  • 2001 Tan, Rey Jaime M.
  • 2001 Tanchanco, Roberto C.
  • 2002 Diaz, Gladys Maribal A.
  • 2002 Ybiernas, Jeanette A.
  • 2003 Academia, Genevieve
  • 2003 Escobin, Maria Ailsa A.
  • 2003 Magdamo, Arni A.
  • 2004 Ang, Anne Margaret J.
  • 2004 Del Mundo, Sandra
  • 2004 Verde, Ma. Nanette S.
  • 2005 Coseip, Tyrone Francis T.
  • 2005 Obieta, Alfredo P.
  • 2005 Paralisan, Dinah Luisa D.
  • 2005 Untalan, Vivianne L.
  • 2006 Aquino, Rogelio
  • 2006 Bunayog, Evelyn
  • 2006 Punzalan, Carlo
  • 2007 Bernaldo, Evangeline
  • 2007 Diwa, Hezel
  • 2007 Marcelo, Arlene
  • 2007 Paps, Simeon
  • 2008 Alix-Arbatin, Maia Celeste
  • 2008 Lampa-Bernardo, Margarette Ruth
  • 2008 De Leon, Donnah Franceska
  • 2008 Huang-Biagtan, Hana
  • 2009 Baston, Agnes
  • 2009 Manalo-Nierras, Grace
  • 2009 Tolentino, Alan
  • 2009 Villanueva, Russell
  • 2010 Antonio, Reina Lynn G.
  • 2010 Darjuan, Darwin C.
  • 2010 Leaño, Bevy Lynn C.
  • 2010 Ragaza, Mary Judith R.
  • 2011 Acelajado-Valdenor, Ma. Czarlota
  • 2011 Afaga, Arlene I.
  • 2011 Lagunzad, Juan Paolo DLC.
  • 2011 Orata-Gorospe, Maridel
  • 2012 Bataclan, Rommel P.
  • 2012 dela Ysla, Josephine L.
  • 2012 Lim, Marissa Elizabeth L.
  • 2012 Tan, Tennille
  • 2013 Flores, Bryan
  • 2013 Geronimo, Rachelle Reyleigh
  • 2013 Llave, Jehan Jill
  • 2013 Rubio-Bicol, Jenny
  • 2013 Togonon, Jennifer Ivy
  • 2014 Ceredon, Elizabeth S.
  • 2014 Garcia, Kathleen Joy P.
  • 2014 Luzentales, Kristin M.


Contact Info


Section of Nephrology
UP-PGH College of Medicine

6th Floor Philippine General Hospital, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila Zip code: 1000
Telephone No.: (02)5548400 local 3683
Fax No.: (02)5548488