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St. Luke's Medical Center - Quezon City Campus



The St. Luke's Medical Center - Quezon City - Section of Nephrology was established in 1989. The Section is composed of board-certified Nephrologists by the Philippine Society of Nephrology (PSN). The Section adheres to international standard as accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). The Section offers a two-year fellowship program which promote excellence in patient care, training, and research in the field of Nephrology. 




St. Luke’s Medical Center QC – Section of Nephrology ensures the adherence to international standards of excellence in patient care, training, and research in the field of Nephrology.




St. Luke’s Medical Center QC – Section of Nephrology is committed to:


  • Train, regulate, and support physician to become ethical, competent, compassionate and socially responsible nephrologists.
  • Initiate, promote, and coordinate public health programs geared towards awareness, preventions, and treatment of renal diseases.


Program Overview

Objectives of the Program

On completion of the program, the trainees should have acquired the skills, attitude, and knowledge to be competent Nephrologists. The trainees should have fulfilled the requirements of the Philippine Specialty Board in Nephrology to be eligible to take the certifying examination in Nephrology.  The trainee should have acquired basic research techniques and should have undertaken and finished at least one research study.


The Training Program

The Training Committee, headed by the Training Officer oversees the different posts assigned to the Fellows-in-training. It implements the rules and requirements of the training program as well as the duties and responsibilities of each fellow. Any matters concerning the training of Nephrology Fellows shall be directed to this committee.


The Training Program is fully accredited by the Philippine Society of Nephrology.  The training program is designed to offer a two-year core program in Clinical Nephrology. Throughout the program, the trainee is expected to assume increasing responsibility for patient care commensurate with their abilities, knowledge and experience. At all levels of training, the trainee is expected to provide clinical background to other trainees who are more junior (clerks, interns, residents, co-fellows).


The clinical activities are centered at St. Luke’s Medical Center. St. Luke’s Medical Center is well equipped with facilities necessary for training – Clinical Nephrology, Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Critical Care, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, Renal Biopsy and Renal Transplantation. It has facilities for out-patient dialysis and consultation, both for private and social services patients.


 Regular Conferences

Week Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri
1st   HD Total Quality management  ABG/ Electrolyte dry run    
2nd Fluids, Electrolyte and Acid Base Workshop     Physiology Lecture I   
3rd HD/PD Conference  Renal Pathology Conference  Monthly/Quarterly meeting Physiology Lecture II Nephrology Lecture 
4th Journal Club (EBM) Critical Care/ Transplant conference  Mortality and Morbidity Conference Medical Grandrounds  Nephrology Grandrounds (every 3months)

 Application Requirements

Requirements for Fellowship Training Program:

  1. Pictures 2x2 and 1x1 (2 each)
  2. Curriculum Vitae to include Schools Attended, Hobbies and Interest
  3. Transcript of Record (Certified True Copy)
  4. Certificate/Letter of Recommendation from the Dean, or from the Chairman  during  training
  5. Letters of Recommendation from two (2) Consultant preferably belonging  to the same  specialty or the specialty of the subspecialty (i.e. IM for Adult  Pulmonology; Pediatrics  for Pediatric Pulmonology)
  6. Certificate of Good Conduct from medical school/hospital
  7. Certificate of Class Ranking
  8. Medical School Diploma (Photocopy)
  9. Certificate of Internship (Photocopy)
  10. Diploma/Certificate of Residency Training (Photocopy)
  11. Board Rating Result from PRC
  12. Certificate from Board of Medicine(PRC)
  13. Photocopy of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) License
  14. Diplomate Certificate (Photocopy)
  15. Certificate of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

*For application inquiries, you may call our office at 723-0101 loc 4736.


Medical Staff

 Section Officers

  • Executive Board
    • Chair, Chief of Section Alicia Nepomuceno-Baldonado, MD
    • Past Immediate Chief Benjamin A. Balmores, Jr. MD
    • Assistant Chief for Training Carina Dalay-Dizon, MD
    • Assistant Chief for Administration Vonn P. Velasco, MD
    • Assistant Chief for Finance Asuncion T. Victoriano, MD
    • Advisor Oscar D. Naidas, MD
  • Internal Affairs Cluster
    • Head: Vonn P. Velasco, MD
    • Credentials and Awards: Chair: Josephine Go-Yap, MD
    • Administrative Affairs: Chair: Mildred Abilo Tayag, MD
    • Peer Review: Chair: Asuncion T. Victoriano, MD
  • External Affairs Cluster
    • Head: Ma. Lourdes S. Chua-Garcia, MD
    • Member: Vimar A. Luz, MD
  • Education & Research Cluster
    • Head, Alicia Nepomuceno-Baldonado, MD
    • Members, Carina D. Dizon, MD
    • Fellowship Training - Conferences:, Chair: Juan Paolo Lagunzad, MD
    • Fellowship Training – Examinations:, Chair: Vimar A. Luz, MD
    • Fellowship Training –Discipline Committee:, Chair: Oscar Naidas, M.D.
    • Research:, Chair: Vonn Velasco. MD
    • Continuing Medical Education:, Chair: Helen T. Ocdol, MD
  • Patient Care Cluster
    • Head, Benjamin A. Balmores, Jr., MD
    • Quality Patient Care:, Chair: Arlene C. Crisostomo, MD
    • HD/PD:, Chair: Bienvenido G. Manlutac, MD
    • KT/Renal Biopsy/Critical Care:, Chair: Maria Lourdes Chua-Garcia, MD
    • Clinical Outcomes:, Chair: Arlene Crisostomo, MD
    • Sociocivic:, Chair: Josephine Go-Yap, MD


 Active Consultants

  • Balmores, Benjamin Jr. A.
  • Bayog, Delia
  • Chua, Albert T.
  • Crisostomo, Arlene C.
  • Dizon, Carina D.
  • Garcia, Ma. Lourdes C.
  • Go-Yap, Josephine M.
  • Lagunzad, Juan A.
  • Limchiu, Luis Jr.
  • Lim, Annabelle S.
  • Luz, Vimar A.
  • Manlutac, Bienvenido
  • Naidas, Oscar D.
  • Nepomuceno-Baldonado, Alicia L.
  • Ocdol, Helen T.
  • Velasco, Vonn P.
  • Victoriano, Asuncion T.


 Associate Active Consultants

  • Bautista, Pompeyo, Jr. 
  • Biruar, Maaliddin B.
  • Chua, Arnel S. 
  • Manalo, Maria Cecilia S.
  • Navarro, Juliet K.
  • Ng, Roderick H.
  • Recio, Renato M.
  • Tayag, Mildred A.




  1. 1991 Dr. Benjamin Balmores
  2. 1992 Dr. Rene Toledano
  3. 1994 Dr. Alicia Nepomuceno-Baldonado
  4. 1994 Dr. Mildred Abilo-Tayag
  5. 1995 Dr. Raquel Reyes
  6. 1996 Dr. Karen Licuanan
  7. 1996 Dr. Monina Veloso Lucas
  8. 1997 Dr. Vonn Velasco
  9. 1997 Dr. Carina Dalay- Dizon
  10. 1998 Dr. Vina Ilagan
  11. 1998 Dr. Victor De Guzman
  12. 1999 Dr. Lourdes Chua Garcia
  13. 1999 Dr. Pompeyo Bautista
  14. 2000 Dr. Felicidad Dizon
  15. 2000 Dr. Irene Masqueda
  16. 2001 Dr. Julius Serrano
  17. 2002 Dr. Marizel Catungal
  18. 2002 Dr. Jewel Santos
  19. 2002 Dr. Rene Recio
  20. 2003 Dr. Vimar Luz
  21. 2003 Dr. Bienvenido Manlutac
  22. 2003 Dr. Edwin Serna
  23. 2004 Dr. Marilyn Due
  24. 2004 Dr. Lanie Frando
  25. 2004 Dr. Noel Camique
  26. 2005 Dr. Zherluck Zapata
  27. 2005 Dr. Eric Santiago
  28. 2006 Dr. Pamela Chua-Tan
  29. 2006 Dr. Anabelle Sy-Lim
  30. 2007 Dr. Rommel Sumilong
  31. 2007 Dr. Juliet Kaw-Navarro
  32. 2008 Dr. Ratna Soewardi
  33. 2008 Dr. Hans Muliadi
  34. 2008 Dr. Christina Dy
  35. 2008 Dr. Irwyn Mortel
  36. 2009 Dr. Emmie Joy Gonzales
  37. 2009 Dr. Carmelle Joy Anduiza
  38. 2010 Dr. Rosella N. Blancas
  39. 2010 Dr. Marizel Karim
  40. 2010 Dr. Jeanne Bayaca
  41. 2011 Dr. William Gregory Rivero
  42. 2011 Dr. Mercedita Piamonte
  43. 2011 Dr. Rita Naya
  44. 2011 Dr. Maritess Dimaano
  45. 2012 Dr. Penny O. Chan
  46. 2012 Dr. Desirie Simbulan
  47. 2012 Dr. Mary Grace Gran
  48. 2012 Dr. Odilio Yu
  49. 2013 Dr. Michelle Remiendo
  50. 2013 Dr. Kristina Alolod
  51. 2013 Dr. Dax Sandoval
  52. 2014 Dr. Mylene Escalona-Lucero
  53. 2014 Dr. Katherine Ano-os
  54. 2014 Dr. Aina Bautista



Contact Info



Section of Nephrology/Center for Renal Diseases

St. Luke's Medical Center-Quezon City

Tel no: 7230101 loc 4736
Fax no: 7230101 loc 4736
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