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National Kidney & Transplant Institute (NKTI)


The Department of Adult Nephrology spearheads the excellent care and management of the thousands of renal patients seen annually at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI). It was established in 1983, at the same time when the Institute was inaugurated. It is headed by the Department Chairman, as appointed by the Executive Director, and composed of board-certified Nephrologists both locally by the Philippine Society of Nephrology (PSN) and internationally by the American Society of Nephrology (ASN). The consultant staff is categorized into Active Consultants with and without Plantilla items, and Visiting Consultants, each has its own responsibilities and privileges. Ten (10) of its consultant staff even served as past presidents of the PSN.


Being the tertiary hospital for kidney diseases, the Department has become the cornerstone in delivering quality renal health care. It has three primary functions: service, training and research.


Training young nephrologists to become future leaders of nephrology wherever they practice remains the Department’s goal. Its comprehensive and globally competitive two- year training program has constantly served as the benchmark for most nephrology training programs in the country. Throughout the years of training fellows who are exposed to pioneering developments in renal care–the Chronic Kidney Disease Education and Counseling Clinic that empowers patients in the management of their chronic illness, and the policy of peritoneal dialysis first- as the first line of renal replacement for patients providing affordable home therapy. The Department continues to evolve and improve through the years, with the ultimate goal of serving renal patients with the highest standards of excellence and molding outstanding and compassionate leaders in renal healthcare.



We elevate the future of Adult Nephrology in the Philippines as the recognized trailblazer in training experts and leaders in Nephrology, breaking new grounds in research, and providing excellent, ethical and compassionate care.



  • To deliver optimal, holistic, and cost-effective care to all our patients without prejudice.
  • To provide a comprehensive and advanced training program in general nephrology, kidney transplant and dialysis through continuing faculty development and utilization of the diverse clinical cases and resources.
  • To spearhead the development of guidelines and protocols in the practice of nephrology.
  • To help decrease the incidence of kidney disease in the country by educating the public and empowering physicians in early recognition, proper management and timely referral of patients with kidney disease.
  • To provide sufficient expertise to empower our graduates in becoming future leaders in the local and global community.
  • To encourage consultant-driven research to implement the research priorities of the Department. To provide the research tools and services to assist in publication.



  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Compassion
  • Respect


Medical Staff


  • Romina A. Danguilan, MD (Chair)
  • Luis V. Limchiu, Jr., MD (Training Officer)



    • Romina A. Danguilan, MD
    • Luis V. Limchiu, MD
    • Florencio J. Pine, MD
    • Delia V. Bayog, MD
    • Josephine R. Valdez, MD
    • Ma. Cecilia S. Manalo, MD
    • Hazel Daphne R. Ninalga, MD


    • Romina A. Danguilan, MD
    • Glenda Eleanor P. Pamugas, MD
    • Arlene B. Lamban, MD


    • Romina A. Danguilan, MD
    • Concesa C. Casasola, MD


    • Glenda Eleanor P. Pamugas, MD
    • Arlene S. Munoz, MD


    • Maaliddin B. Biruar, MD
    • Ronald S. Perez, MD
    • Ma. Czarlota A. Valdenor, MD


    • Concesa C. Casasola, MD
    • Ramon C. Mora, MD
    • Marichel DC Pile, MD


    • Richard T. Hizon, MD
    • Glenda Eleanor P. Pamugas, MD
    • Hazel Daphne R. Ninalga, MD


    • Alberto Frederick M. Celestial, MD
    • Anne Margareth Ang, MD
    • Gladys Maribal Diaz, MD
    • Arlene B. Lamban, MD
    • Ma. Cecilia S. Manalo, MD
    • Ronald S. Perez, MD


 Active Consultants

  • Ma. Martina F. Alcantara, MD
  • Delia V. Bayog, MD
  • Concesa C. Casasola, MD
  • Susan Añonuevo-Dela Rama, MD
  • Benjamin A. Balmores, MD
  • Maaliddin B. Biruar, MD
  • Ma. Remedios R. Caballero, MD
  • Alberto Frederick M. Celestial, MD
  • Arnel S. Chua, MD
  • Nenita A. Collantes, MD
  • Romina A. Danguilan, MD
  • Marieta B. De Luna, MD
  • Richard T. Hizon, MD
  • Roberto M. Ingles, MD
  • Arlene B. Lamban, MD
  • Pamela R. Lloren, MD
  • Luis V. Limchiu, Jr., MD
  • Ma. Cecilia S. Manalo, MD
  • Bienvenido G. Manlutac, MD
  • Agnes D. Mejia, MD
  • Ramon C. Mora, MD
  • Hazel Daphne R. Niñalga-Rodriguez, MD
  • Benita S. Padilla, MD
  • Glenda Eleanor P. Pamugas, MD
  • Antonio R. Paraiso, MD
  • Melo Jane O. Paz, MD
  • Ronald S. Perez, MD
  • Florencio J. Pine, MD
  • Josephine R. Valdez, MD
  • Libertad N.Rosales, MD
  • Elizabeth R. Sebastian, MD
  • Vicente V. Tanseco, MD


 Visiting Consultants

  • Anne Margareth Ang, MD
  • Alicia Baldonado, MD
  • Annfil Balista, MD
  • Diosdado Bartolo, MD
  • Eric Chua, MD
  • Arlene Crisostomo, MD
  • Gladys Maribal Diaz, MD
  • Carina Dalay-Dizon, MD
  • Raceme Erasmo, MD
  • Ma. Lourdes Chua-Garcia, MD
  • Josephine Go-Yap, MD
  • Irmingarda Gueco, MD
  • Marie Angeline Gumba, MD
  • Vimar Luz, MD
  • Bienvenido Manlutac, MD
  • Gjay Ordinal, MD
  • Marichel Pile, MD
  • Ma. Czarlota Valdenor, MD
  • Vonn Velasco, MD


 Current Trainees

  • Nur-Hannah B. Burungawan, MD
  • Rica S. Carpio, MD
  • Paolo Miguel A. David, MD
  • Ariel S. Indo, MD
  • Sheena Ann M. Diloy, MD
  • Deanna Rae C. Libarios, MD
  • Joengelee R. Montalbo, MD
  • Murshida A. Panolong, MD
  • Ricky A. Alayon, MD
  • Amerigo SG Bautista, Jr.,MD
  • Marc Evan P. Dominguez, MD
  • Eunice Bernadette M. Go, MD
  • Andrea Loise G. Licuan, MD
  • Georgia Li Ann V. Lomibao, MD
  • Jason Paul T. Medina, MD
  • Valerie Marie I. Sepe, MD
  • Leslie A. Yap, MD



  1. Dr Florencio Pine (Manila)
  2. Dr Antonio Paraiso (Manila)
  3. Dr Delia Bayog (Manila)
  4. Dr Ma. Remedios Caballero (Manila)
  5. Dr Ariel Tempongko (Abroad) Dr Erlinda Yao
  6. Dr Uriel Baclayon (Cebu)
  7. Dr Raceme Erasmo (Manila)
  8. Dr Ruth Sombilon
  9. Dr Philip Lazo (Cagayan de Oro)
  10. Dr Helen Po (Cebu)
  11. Dr Flor Jocelyn Caballes (Davao)
  12. Dr Edna Osorio
  13. Dr Abito Salinas (Leyte)
  14. Dr Josephine Baisac
  15. Dr Ma. Rosario Evidente (Abroad)
  16. Dr Cynthia Lim
  17. Dr Eulysses Baniga (Cebu)
  18. Dr Eugene Castillo (Cavite)
  19. Dr Romulo Ignacio Dr Corazon Macaraeg (Manila)
  20. Dr Reynaldo Cornel
  21. Dr Albert Lu (Manila)
  22. Dr Ramon Mora (Manila)
  23. Dr Nathaniel Agoncillo (Batangas)
  24. Dr Susan Losaria-Jorge (Manila)
  25. Dr Rizalina Rosales (Bicol)
  26. Dr Rene Baltazar (Manila)
  27. Dr Susan Anonuevo-Dela Rama (Manila)
  28. Dr Enrico Veloso (Abroad)
  29. Dr Ma. Nila Lopez (Manila)
  30. Dr Sandra Oliveros (Cagayan de Oro) Dr Marissa Santos
  31. Dr Ma. Asuncion Contreras Dr Josefina Luspian (Baguio)
  32. Dr Jean Pabilonia (Naga)
  33. Dr Angelita Sy-Go (Ozamis City)
  34. Dr Jamasali Usman (Zamboanga)
  35. Dr Annfil Balista (Manila)
  36. Dr Ellen White Caras-Luna Dr Juliet Chua Chong- Noel (Cebu)
  37. Dr Ma. Gemma Pinlac (Baguio)
  38. Dr Ma.Regina Ampil (Manila)
  39. Dr Rogelio Dela Cruz (Manila)
  40. Dr Cipriano Famorca Jr (Manila)
  41. Dr Nina Garcia
  42. Dr Wilfredo Magcalas (Ilocos Norte)
  43. Dr Olga Chavez-Miralles (Leyte)
  44. Dr Rowena Maglaqui (Abroad)
  45. Dr Maria Gina Nazareth (Batangas)
  46. Dr Melo Jane Paz (Manila)
  47. Dr Concesa Casasola (Manila)
  48. Dr Lilibeth Ibbarientos (Manila)
  49. Dr Jerome Pepingco (Bacolod)
  50. Dr Leila Quidilla (Cotabato)
  51. Dr Maria May Samillano (Bacolod)
  52. Dr Alberto Frederick Celestial (Manila)
  53. Dr Abraham Coquia (Pangasinan)
  54. Dr Franklin Guillano (Davao)
  55. Dr Elizabeth Sebastian (Manila)
  56. Dr Lea Grace Vasquez (Manila)
  57. Dr Edmund Bautista (Cagayan)
  58. Dr Jennifer Dowalter (Abroad)
  59. Dr Olivia Idio (Olongapo)
  60. Dr Arlene Lamban (Manila)
  61. Dr Ma. Cecilia Manalo (Manila)
  62. Dr. Mara Tugade (Bulacan)
  63. Dr Ma. Martina Alcantara (Manila)
  64. Dr Rolando Macalalag (Cavite)
  65. Dr Gjay Ordinal (Manila)
  66. Dr Glenda Eleanor Pamugas (Manila)
  67. Dr Frederick Parallag (Cagayan)
  68. Dr Ronald Perez (Manila)
  69. Dr Stella Marie Rondilla (Abroad)
  70. Dr Ma. Mayida Ybanez (Bohol)
  71. Dr Maaliddin Biruar (Manila)
  72. Dr Arnel Chua (Manila)
  73. Dr Romina Rusillon (Surigao)
  74. Dr Ophelia Saad (Dumaguete)
  75. Dr Ma. Christina Salas (Cabanatuan)
  76. Dr Erwin Villar (Baguio)
  77. Dr German Mayo Jr. (Cebu)
  78. Dr Hazel Daphne Ninalga (Manila)
  79. Dr Rosalie Imelda Orejudos (Iligan)
  80. Dr Rubylaine Par-Pinoy (Nueva Viscaya)
  81. Dr Hazel Yadao-Oro (Iloilo)
  82. Dr Alvin Young (Zamboanga)
  83. Dr Diosdado Bartolo (Bulacan)
  84. Dr Jose Emmanuel Cabildo (Sorsogon)
  85. Dr Yvette Ethel Mondano (Cebu)
  86. Dr Alma Suclad (Baguio)
  87. Dr Chona Tagayuna (Marinduque)
  88. Dr Edwin Tan (Sorsogon)
  89. Dr Nenia May Catli (Cagayan de Oro)
  90. Dr Roland Dela Cruz (Manila)
  91. Dr Richard Hizon (Manila)
  92. Dr Ma. Angeline Gumba (Manila)
  93. Dr Arlene Munoz (Manila)
  94. Dr Virgilio Ocampo Jr. (Laguna)
  95. Dr Edwin Simatupang (Abroad)
  96. Dr Maria Theresa Bad-ang (Davao)
  97. Dr John Li (Cebu)
  98. Dr Joyce Rosario Matoza (Leyte)
  99. Dr Ma. Eliza Navarro (Manila)
  100. Dr Asterio Ramiscal (Tagum)
  101. Dr Angelito Rioveros (Bulacan)
  102. Dr Marlene Villanueva (Laguna)
  103. Dr Czarina Kay Beltran (Manila)
  104. Dr Carmel Carlos (Rizal)
  105. Dr Chito Cornejo (Digos, Davao)
  106. Dr Ma. Lorelei Lucio-Tong (Bataan)
  107. Dr. Joy Mallari (Pampanga)
  108. Dr Leo Manuel Tumaneng (Bacolod)
  109. Dr Alvin Belen (Laguna)
  110. Dr Irene Castillo (Batangas)
  111. Dr Eric Chua (Manila)
  112. Dr Clarissa Equipado (Davao)
  113. Dr John Ray Gonzales (Abroad)
  114. Dr Virginia Mangati (La Union)
  115. Dr Bernard Ramos (Davao)
  116. Dr Sheila Maria Baria (Iloilo)
  117. Dr Ethel Cordero (Iloilo)
  118. Dr Marianne Diaz (Roxas)
  119. Dr Nemma Evangelista (Manila)
  120. Dr Emerson Mondarte (Pagadian)
  121. Dr Ma. Lourdes Pelobello (Abroad)
  122. Dr Shalee Santos (Tarlac)
  123. Dr Ruel Agni (Palawan)
  124. Dr Roy Diamond Arco (Dumaguete)
  125. Dr Angielyn Asuncion (Pangasinan)
  126. Dr Maricris Bacinillo (Bacolod)
  127. Dr Rodrigo Capahi (Ormoc)
  128. Dr Marichel Pile (Bulacan)
  129. Dr Ana-Mae Quetua (Manila)
  130. Dr Mel-Hatra Arakama (Manila)
  131. Dr Christina Erika Basilan (Laguna)
  132. Dr Rey Isidto (Iloilo)
  133. Dr Maria Isabel Momongan (Cebu)
  134. Dr Catherine Rose Ti (Cebu)
  135. Dr Amor Rhea Quilala (Ilocos)
  136. Dr Omega Mallillin (Isabela)
  137. Dr Layla Marie Paraiso (Manila)
  138. Dr Josephine Bonos (Sorsogon)
  139. Dr Floherna Diccion (Cotabato)
  140. Dr Maria Regina Gregorio (Olongapo)
  141. Dr Rudi Joy Laraño (Laguna)
  142. Dr Cher Alaine Luna (Manila)
  143. Dr J. Meinard Nepomuceno (Nueva Ecija)
  144. Dr Mark Javeson Tam (Cebu)
  145. Dr Ruchelle Marie Turqueza (Baguio)


Contact Info

National Kidney and Transplant Institute
Asia’s Leading Kidney Transplant Center
East Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines 1101

Telephone Nos.: 981-0300 or 981-0400 local 3118 Fax: 981-0368
Email Address:, Website: