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Chinese General Hospital (CGH) & Medical Center



The Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center is located in the heart of Blumentritt, Sta. Cruz, Manila. It is considered one of the oldest hospitals in the countrybeing founded in the Spanish times, purely from charity of Chinese immigrants. Since then, it has steadily grown in excellence, fame and service in its over a 100 years of existence.


It serves as many as 600 private and charity in-patients and thirty to fifty service medical out-patients (excluding hemodialysis patients) per day. It has a PCP-accredited Internal Medicine residency with a medical resident staff of 31.


The institution offers Nephrology Training Program which started in 1996, having a total of three fellows-in-training.



The hospital facilities include:

  1. An emergency room, outpatient clinics, Neuro ICU, intensive and coronary care units (total of 23 beds), operating room, endoscopy unit,  telemetry, cardiovascular OR and RR, cardiac catheterization laboratory, Cobalt therapy (linear acceleration) unit, Oncology Unit, Cardiac Rehabilitation and unit for Sleep Studies.
  2. Clinical and pathological laboratory, radiology, ultrasonography, CT scan, MRI, and Nuclear medicine.
  3. A 29-station hemodialysis unit serving 50-60 patients per day with a total of 300-360 patients per week.
  4. CAPD clinic
  5. Kidney Transplant Unit
  6. Medical Library
  7. Medical Conference Room



The To be an ideal training institution which would act on the best interest of the Nephrology trainees.



  • To uphold Nephrology training standards as recommended by the Philippine Society of Nephrology (PSN).


Program Overview

As a training institution, the Section adheres to the target competencies for the Renal fellow-in-training as recommended  by the PSN Accreditation Board. Apart from the cases seen and handled by each fellow-in-training, the service trainee is sent to National Kidney and Transplant Institute for two months for exposure to Peritoneal Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation. Rotation to Radiology Department for one month is likewise mandatory prior to graduation. Each trainee submits an approved research paper at the end of the 2-year training program, which should be presented at the institution, local  or  international conference.


Written and oral examinations are given on a monthly and twice a year basis respectively. Basis for promotion or graduation of a trainee is based on the average score from the examinations mentioned, evaluations done by the consultants and other requirements such as research paper and accomplishments of basic procedures required by the training program.


 Nephrology Training Program Objectives

  1. To provide excellent training and learning expertise to the trainee in all aspects of Adult Clinical Nephrology.
  2. To produce competent, knowledgeable and responsible Nephrologists dedicated to care of renal patients.
  3. To develop Nephrologist who can deliver appropriate, effective and compassionate care.


 Pride of the Section

  1. Skills for vascular access insertion for hemodialysis
  2. Adequate exposure to Acute and Chronic Kidney diseases
  3. Guidance and supervision on cases handled particularly in service or charity in –patients


 Application for Fellowship Program

Acceptance for applicants starts from November-January. Training officially starts March of the same year.

 Qualifications of trainee entering the Fellowship Training Program

  1. He/She must complete a three year residency training program in Internal Medicine duly accredited by the Philippine College of Physicians
  2. Must be a diplomate of the Philippine College of Physicians
  3. He/She must take the qualifying examination given by the Section of Nephrology in February, be evaluated and interviewed by the Nephrology Consultants.
  4. The examination and evaluation as the basis for acceptance into the fellowship training program.
  5. The training program accepts a total number of three trainees.
  6. Requirements for application:
    1. Valid PRC ID
    2. Transcript of Records
    3. Diploma
    4. (2) Letters of Recommendation from Consultants
    5. (2) Passport Sized photos
    6. Board Ratings
    7. Certificate of subspecialty board given by PSBIM

For Further details, please call 7432017 or 3575077 and look for any Nephrology  Fellow.



 Regular Conferences

Conferences are held weekly (every Wednesday).

  • First Wednesday: Renal Physiology by Brenner
  • Second Wednesday: Journal Club/Journal Appraisal
  • Third Wednesday: Clinical Nephrology by Brenner
  • Fourth Wednesday: Grand rounds
  • Fifth Wednesday (if any): Multidisciplinary Conferences (Urology, Histopathology, Transplantation, Radiology)
  • First Friday of the Month: Morbidity and Mortality
  • Histopathology Conference held at UST quarterly.
  • Transplant Conference held at NKTI once a month.


Medical Staff

 Active Consultants

  • Dr. Alberto Chua – Section Head
  • Dr. Florencio Ong – Head, Hemodialysis Unit
  • Dr. Jose Garcia
  • Dr. Radcliff Cobankiat- Reseach Coordinator
  • Dr. Rachelle Chua – Training Officer
  • Dr. Erleen Ngo – Assistant Head, Hemodialysis Unit
  • Dr. Ruby Lim – Assistant Training Officer
  • Dr. Eric Chua – Head, Kidney Transplant Unit
  • Dr. Arnel Chua – Assistant Training Officer


 Visiting Consultants

  • Dr. Josephine Go-Yap – Assistant Head, Kidney Transplant Unit
  • Dr. Sandra Del Mundo – Head, Speacial Projects
  • Dr. Cherryl Ting-Tan – OPD Coordinator
  • Dr. Reina Antonio – Assistant Head, Special Project



  1. Dr. Erleen Ngo - 1997
  2. Dr.  Gigi Co – 1998
  3. Dr. Manuela Pareno -1999
  4. Dr. Dabbie Que – 2000
  5. Dr. Evelyn Sey – 2001
  6. Dr. Rachelle Chua – 2002
  7. Dr. Helen Villaret – 2003
  8. Dr. Maritess Madrazo-Reyna – 2004
  9. Dr. Jeanne Marie Michel Monzon – 2005
  10. Dr. Radcliff Cobankiat – 2006
  11. Dr. Susan Bello – 2007
  12. Dr. Cherrly Ting-Tan – 2008
  13. Dr. Ramon Jose Suarez – 2010
  14. Dr. Pamela Mamaluba – 2010
  15. Dr. Michelle Yau – 2011
  16. Dr. Joy Galino -2012
  17. Dr. Joemie Dichosos – 2012
  18. Dr. Aileen Santos – 2013
  19. Dr. Melissa Tita Luna- Anton io - 2014


Contact Info

Section of Nephrology
Chinese General Hospital & Medical Center

286 Blumentritt Rd, Maynila, Philippines
+63 2 711 3917 (Hospital Trunkline)
Telephone No.: +63 2 7432017 or 3575077