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The Olongapo Mission

The Olongapo Mission

The aftermath of the recent monsoon rains and flooding in Olongapo last September brought about an outbreak in Leptospirosis cases in the city. Government officials and health care providers were overwhelmed with the number of cases which were admitted to the hospitals. James L. Gordon Hospital became the center of attention as about 80% of the affected individuals flocked here. The number of admitted cases swelled to about 500 easily overwhelming the hospital staff and its resources. Members of the PSN Central Luzon Chapter and the National Organization led medical missions to help the health-workers of the hospital cope with the situation. Aside  from assisting in the delivery of care to patients, PSN volunteers took time to help educate the health-care personnel in implementing the protocols for leptospirosis. Health Secretary, Dr. Enrique Ona declared the outbreak under control on October 14, 2013. 

Photo chronicle of the medical mission to Olongapo:

Family Day 2013

Family Day 2013

Malusog na Bato, Yan Ang Gusto Ko! The Annual Family Day was again successfully celebrated last June 9, 2013 at the UST Central Seminary Gymnasium. The celebration, now on its 11th year, never ceases to excite the patients as well as the healthcare workers and doctors. The gymnasium was filled by the patients together with their loved ones. The celebration started by a thanksgiving mass. The spirits and energy of the participants were rocked by the first activity entitled “I-ZUMBA MO AKO”. It was so amazing that the patients were as energetic and excited as they follow the dance instructor.

It was followed by another breathtaking activity entitled “KIDNEY TO WIN IT”. The game was a challenge to the participants as they need to finish the challenge in one minute. But there is a twist to the game, that the patients will learn behind the logic of the challenge (e.g. the sorting of the coins was comparable to the filtering capability of the kidneys). 

The last activity was really a memorable one the “KIDNEY MASTER CHEF” with Ms. Ivory Yat, one of the finalist of the recently concluded Pinoy Master Chef  who graced the event and was complemented by a very experienced Renal Dietician,  Ms. Virgie Buena. Ms. Ivory was very enthusiastic in teaching our patients on how to prepare healthy sumptuous meals for our Chronic Kidney Disease, she also explains that she understands our patients since she used to be a dialysis nurse and her Dad was also a Dialysis patient. Our renal dietician guest, Ms. Buena also explained on how much and why this diet or ingredients could be used. Ms. Balbuena was able to answer the questions of our kidney patients and clarified their misconceptions regarding their diet.

A GMA-7 talent artist, Mr. Teejay   Marquez also shared his time and rendered a song and dance number. This cutie teen-star gladly took time and had his pictures taken with our patients. Surely our patients were starstruck with his presence.   The Jollibee mascot also graced the event and gave smiles to our kids, as Jollibee danced along with them. Of course, a big thanks to our good looking nephrologists, Dr. Sonny L. Antonio, Dr. Maaliddin B. Biruar, and Dr. Frederick H. Verano, for hosting the event. Overall it was a DAY OF FUN, BONDING WITH THE FAMILY and LEARNING as well. Till next year as we are looking forward to a better, bigger and more exciting Family Day.

Strategic Planning 2013

Strategic Planning 2013

A total of 30 consultants consist of past presidents (Dr. Carmelo Alfiler, Dr.Benita Padilla, Dr.  Dolores Bonzon, Dr Delia Bayog and Dr.Nenita Collantes), BOT and other participants with important posts in the  Philippine Society of Nephrology attended the two day strategic planning at the Tagaytay City on the stormy days of  June 29-30.

Dr. Roberto Tanchangco facilitated the affair with very concise and directed actions that produced a very promising plan for the year to come.  A brief introduction on each of the participants was done .  The group was assigned to  work according to clusters  and assigned a group leader, a rapporteur and a presentor.  Each group filled up a balanced score card (this includes the financial, internal, learning and growth perspectives were filled up.  Brainstorming in each group was done setting the targets for each project.  For each cluster “ Pambihirang Tagumpay ”  which means the target project  was chosen  by the team mates and was presented for the body for reactions.

Guided by the mission-vision of the society the following are some of the major plans:
A.  Internal Processes: Hemodialysis summit, the Annual Conventions, Leadership Training
B. Customers Perspective:  Website, the Philippine Journal of Nephrology indexed internationally,
C. Financial perspective-   adjustment of fees, fundraising activity, maximizing solicitations and grants
D.  Learning and Growth:  Taas Antas PKD registry and multicenter  research.

After the presentation, a brief talk by Dr. Anthony Leachon was given on how to handle the press.  It is very interesting  because it emphasizes on making the press an ally of our advocacies.

Timelines were set.  We all hoped that the execution of  the plans will push thru and all the results will come out projected.

PSN Conducts First Hemodialysis Summit

PSN Conducts First Hemodialysis Summit

Last July 5, 2013, members from the different chapters of the PSN across the country convened for the very first PSN Hemodialysis Summit at the Microtel, Mall of Asia.  This 2-day summit was conducted to allow members to further discuss concerns pertaining to all  hemodialysis stakeholders, namely, our patients, their nephrologists, hemodialysis unit owners,  third-party payors, the DOH and Philippine Health Insurance Company (PHIC), and gather their collective stand to lead to policy formulation.

The first day of the summit involved “brainstorming” sessions  among the different groups, each tasked to discuss issues on the different aspects of the practice of hemodialysis, from the quality of care, duties and responsibilities of attending nephrologists, endorsement and transfer of patients to different hemodialysis centers,  professional fees, up to the current DOH and PHIC guidelines, followed by a plenary session for clarification and summation of ideas.

On the second and last day of the summit, the final integration which was ably facilitated by one of PSN’s  past presidents, Dr. Albert Chua, ushered the following plans of action:  1) The production of more patient education materials for CKD 5 patients, including options for renal replacement therapy, PHIC benefits, financial assistance from PCSO   2) The setting of guidelines and standards on the quality of care of hemodialysis patients  3) The harmonization of DOH and PHIC guidelines on the accreditation of facilities  4) The creation of templates for patient’s transfer and endorsement to different units to ensure continuity of care.

It is hoped that the output of the first hemodialysis summit will lead to further improving the quality of care of our patients on hemodialysis.  The summit is only the first step, as more work is yet to be done by each and every member of the PSN to reach and sustain this goal.

Kidney Month Celebration Around Mindanao

Kidney Month Celebration Around Mindanao

Throughout the country, the kidneys are placed front and center every month of June.  June is the time to celebrate its wondrous and manifold capabilities, its profound power, and encompassing significance.  It is also the time to recognize the consequences that may occur when the kidneys are ignored, when they are not given their due relevance, and when they are disrespected.  This year, much emphasis is placed on our kidneys’ health making the theme for this year’s Kidney Month Celebration “Malusog na Bato, Yan ang Gusto Ko”.

In Mindanao, different key cities celebrated Kidney Month in their own special and distinctive way.

Davao City - The Kidney Month celebration last June 16, 2013 was held at the Mahogany Room of Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC).  This was attended by many patients of the said hospital and their relatives together with medical professionals from different hospitals.  The event kicked off with a lecture series for the lay conducted by the Nephrologists of SPMC.  Topics included Overview of the Kidney Function and Common Kidney Diseases by Dr. Ma. Theresa Bad-ang, Renal Replacement Therapy – Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis by Dr. Jeanette Ybiernas, Kidney Transplantation by Dr. Rodelie Banico, and Maintenance Medications of Patients with Renal Failure by Dr. Clarissa Arsolon.  In accordance with this year’s theme “Malusog na Bato, Yan ang Gusto Ko”, a Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Grace Manuales, was invited to enlighten the audience regarding the proper diet for patients with impaired renal function.   As has been a tradition during the Kidney Month celebration in Davao City, the much-awaited portion of the celebration was the showcase of talents and special skills of patients with renal failure.  This year, the patients and their relatives were given the chance to wow the audience through two different formats – On-the-Spot Drawing Competition and Kidneys Got Talent Contest.  Both competitions gave the patients the opportunity to show the rest of the audience that despite their condition, they are still capable of living a normal and active life, that they are empowered, and that they are able to provide inspiration to other people.  

SOCCSKSARGEN Region - Several programs were held in observance of the National Kidney Month. The Department of Health- Center for Health Development (DOH-CHD) SOCCSKSARGEN Region conducted a press conference last June 14, 2013 at the Serapio B. Montaner Hall, DOH-CHD XII, Cotabato City. During the conference, Dr. Leonora A. Lozana, MD, MO III, talked on the Updates on Renal Disease and the Renal Disease Control Program (REDCOP) in Region XII. Dr. Mary Anne C. Lu, MD, FPCP, DPSN also gave an overview on Renal Disease and Renal Disease Screening and Prevention. This was followed by an open forum, which addressed several questions and myths regarding kidney health and disease. Dr. Marlyn W. Convocar, MD, MPH, CESO IV, Regional Director of the DOH-CHD Region XII and Dr. Olivia T. Sudaria, MPA, DMHRM, Regional Director of the Philippine Information Agency Region XII were also part of the panelists. The conference was also aired over the local channel as part of their public information dissemination. The Cotabato Regional and Medical Center Hemodialysis Unit (CRMC-HDU), headed by Dr. Mary Anne C. Lu and Mrs. Jocelyn Mojado, RN, organized a free clinic and lay forum last June 22, 2013, 6am-12nn, at the CRMC Out-patient Department.  A total of eighty patients registered for the free clinic. Screening tests included FBS, cholesterol, urinalysis, and hematocrit screening and bone scan. A lay forum was also conducted during the event to promote kidney health and disease prevention. A video presentation of end-stage renal disease patients on maintenance hemodialysis was shown during the event to improve patient awareness on kidney disease and treatment options. An open forum was held afterwards to address questions on kidney health, screening and prevention of kidney disease. The event was concluded by a free consultation with medical internists after the screening tests for early disease detection and management.

General Santos City – As a break from the usual format of educating the lay about the kidneys, the organizers of the Kidney Month Celebration in General Santos City opted for a more audience-friendly and interactive method of information dissemination in the form of a talk show.  This was held at the St. Elizabeth Hospital last June 20, 2013.  This was participated in by 40 patients, patients’ relatives and watchers, and hospital employees.  Erick Von Fredeluces, RN provided comprehensive insights into the normal kidney function while   Dr. Arnelia Bersales-Masendo elaborated on kidney diseases and their management. 

Cagayan de Oro City – A series of events were initiated by the Nephrologists in Cagayan de Oro City to commemorate Kidney Month.  Launching of the Activities for Kidney Month entitled “Pamahaw Espesyal” was held last June 3, 2013 at ABS-CBN, Bulua, CDO with the participation of several sectors: KITAP-CDO, DOH-Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC), PSN Mindanao Chapter, Philippine Urology Association (PUA), and Vascular and Transplant Surgeons.  On June 15, Urologists and Transplant Surgeons gave a lecture on Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy (PCNL) to coincide with the launching of the new PCNL of NMMC and on Kidney Transplantation Updates.  The following day, patients undergoing hemodialysis in different hemodialysis units in the city and their relatives were treated to a day filled with fun and surprises during their Family Day held at Philtown Hotel.  The Urologists of CDO also conducted free prostate screening as part of their celebration of Kidney Month.  By June 22, a Lay Forum on Kidney Diseases was held also at Philtown Hotel headed by Nephrologist Dr. Helen Roa.  In the evening of the same day, Kidney Month Celebration in CDO was capped off by a Fellowship Night spearheaded by Dr. Sandra Oliveros.  All in all, the celebration of Kidney Month in CDO was well-received and truly memorable.

Zamboanga City – Kidney Month celebration in Zamboanga City started with a cooking contest mimicking the popular reality show Master Chef and inspired by the Kidney Month theme.  This was participated in by several hemodialysis patients paired with a relative who were made to prepare from scratch their own recipe fit for patients with renal failure. Each dish was judged according to palatability, nutritional content, and presentation.  While the aspiring chefs were preparing their distinct recipes, the rest of those in attendance participated in a nutrition lecture, were entertained by doctors and hemodialysis nurses, and engaged in parlor games and raffle draws.

As a culmination of the Kidney Month Celebration in Mindanao, the PSN Mindanao Chapter conducted the second leg of its lecture series entitled “Basic Nephrology for Non-Nephrologists” this time in Zamboanga City.  The aim of this lecture series to increase awareness regarding early recognition and initial management of common renal conditions in areas in Mindanao with no and limited number of Nephrologists.  Speakers and moderators of the said medical forum were Nephrologists practicing in different cities in Mindanao. Topics included were:  Urinalysis Interpretation and Ten Renal Syndrome, Conservative Therapies for Advanced Renal Failure, Smoking and CKD, Acute Kidney Injury, and Basic Pediatric Nephrology.

Special acknowledgement: Dr. Arselia Bersales-Masendo, Dr. Mary Anne Chong-Lu, Dr. Sandra Oliveros, Ms. Gwendoliza Escalon, RN

Mindanao Chapter Holds 2nd Medical Forum for Non-Nephrologists & 2nd Chapter Assembly

Mindanao Chapter Holds 2nd Medical Forum for Non-Nephrologists & 2nd Chapter Assembly

A flagship project of the PSN Mindanao Chapter is the organization and implementation of medical fora in different areas in Mindanao as part of their desire to impart elemental and relevant knowledge regarding the kidneys with the straightforward title “Basic Nephrology for Non-Nephrologists”.  The first locality to benefit from this endeavour was Tandag City in Surigao del Sur last August 4, 2013.

The second leg of the series took place in Zamboanga City last June 29, 2013 at the Orchid Garden Hotel.  This also served as the culmination of the Kidney Month Celebration of the city in coordination with PSN Mindanao Chapter.  This was organized by Dr. Arnelia Bersales-Masendo, President of PSN Mindanao Chapter; Dr. Rodelie Banico, Head of Committee on Continuing Medical Education; and Drs. Margarita Abalon and Marizel Karim, Nephrologists practicing in Zamboanga City.  The venue was filled to capacity by attendees, doctors and nurses alike, practicing in Zamboanga City and adjoining areas including Dagupan City.  Topics covered during the said forum and the respective lecturers were as follows:  Urinalysis Interpretation and Ten Renal Syndromes by Dr. Mary Anne Chong-Lu from Cotabato City, Conservative Therapies for Advanced Renal Failure by Dr. Jeanette Romano-Ybiernas of Davao City, Smoking and Chronic Kidney Disease by Dr. Antonio Ybiernas, Jr. (an Otorhinolaryngologist and Tobacco Treatment Specialist from Davao City), Acute Kidney Injury by Dr. Arnelia Bersales-Masendo of General Santos City, and Dr. Ma. Theresa Banes of Davao City.

The event was well-received with the participants taking home augmented knowledge regarding the kidneys which they may be able to use during their practice.

Immediately following the medical forum, the PSN Mindanao Chapter officers and members convened at Orchid Garden Hotel for its Second General Assembly.  This gathering is not only a means to meet and discuss PSN-related matters but also to augment the knowledge of the members.  Invited speakers during the assembly were Nephrologist Dr. Nila Lopez who discussed Current Approaches for Managing Phosphorus and Diabetologist Dr. Rima Tan who updated the attendees on Patient Initiation and Intensification of Insulin. The assembly proper was headed by Dr. Masendo being the President of PSN Mindanao Chapter.  The leading agendum of that meeting was the concerns to be raised during the Hemodialysis Summit.  Each member of the chapter present during the meeting was given the chance to voice out his concerns regarding the pressing matters that were to be brought up during the Hemodialysis Summit.  Other matters discussed were:  the date and venue of the third leg of the medical forum Basic Nephrology for Non-Nephrologists and other future plans for the chapter including a post-graduate course in Nephrology on 2014.

The PSN Mindanao Chapter, together with Southern Philippines Medical Center Internal Medicine Department, is currently in the process of organizing a Post-Graduate Course in Nephrology to be held in Davao City tentatively on March 14 and 15, 2014.  Expected attendees are doctors and nurses from around Mindanao. This course will tackle updates of interest in our field not only through a lecture format but through interactive and hands-on sessions especially for those topics related to hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.  Speakers will be a mix of Nephrologists from the Mindanao Chapter and the National Chapter and other specialists.

The 3rd Hemodialysis Post Graduate Course PSN – Southern Tagalog Chapter

The 3rd Hemodialysis Post Graduate Course PSN – Southern Tagalog Chapter

As the old saying goes, “The show must go on…” despite foggy weathers with zero visibility and threats of monsoon rains, the 3rd hemodialysis post graduate course of the PSN – Southern Tagalog Chapter kicked off last June 30, 2013 for the second time at Tagaytay International Convention Center.

This year’s theme, “Nutritional, Fluids and Electrolyte concerns in Hemodialysis” was attended by more than 400 physicians, nurses, allied medical staffs and pharmaceutical partners.

The whole-day course started by the opening ceremonies and invocation led by Dr. Francia Sobrevinas, followed by the current PSN-STC president, Dr. Edgardo Faustino who gave the welcome remarks. Dr. Orpheus Monakil, the overall chair for the post-graduate course gave the overview and Dr. Susan Anonuevo – De La Rama, PSN president, gave her message to the PSN-STC. Dr. Milo Villena remained to be the master of ceremonies.

At around 8:30am, breakfast symposium by our pharmaceutical partner, Biomedis, started with a lecture given by Dr. Edgardo Faustino. This was immediately followed by the morning’s interactive session on “Nutrition evaluation in dialysis patients: What’s old? What’s new?” given by Dra. Ruth Bernardo.

After a brief coffee break and visit to exhibits, the Session 2 of the interactive morning session resumed, this time tackling “ Nutrition in Dialysis Patient: What to eat and what not to eat?” lectured by Nutritionist Ms. Jao Mandigma. Two-luncheon symposium, sponsored by Roche and Fresenius Kabi followed.

The afternoon session was opened by the 3rd interactive lecture given by Dr. Edgardo Faustino on “Sodium and Potassium”, and was followed by “fluid Management” lectured by Dr. Maria Rhodora Valenzona. The Redcop Lecture, given by Dr. Arlene Munoz officially ended the lecture course.  After the last session was given the much awaited raffle was drawn, giving away an ipad mini, Samsung S3 phone and other special prizes prepared by the chapter.

The PSN Central Luzon General Assembly

The PSN Central Luzon General Assembly

Indeed, we couldn’t have imagined a better way to start the third year of the PSN Central Luzon Chapter.

The First General Assembly opened 2013 on a Saturday, July 22 at Green Kitchen, San Fernando, Pampanga. Twenty-five members came together and were honored with the presence of the Past President and PSN A-1 awardee, Dr. Irmingarda Gueco and the current PSN President, Dr. Susan Anonuevo-Dela Rama as our Resource Speakers.

All members who attended came in enthusiastically with their Green GA Shirts as the General Assembly was announced to be the avenue for the dissemination and discussion of the Hemodialysis Summit Guidelines. 

Boehringer-Ingelheim, Philippines Inc. graciously sponsored the sumptuous lunch which was also highlighted by a lecture by the PSN Central Luzon Past President, Dr. Hezel Diwa of Bataan.

After the lecture of Dr. Diwa, the body was immediately involved with the presentation of the calendar of activities. Nephroprojects and Nephroprograms for 2013-2014 were all ably laid out by sparring partners PSN Central Luzon Vice-President, Dr. Shalee Santos and the Chapter Secretary, Dr. Almira Collado, both of Tarlac.  These plans were marked with the organization and relevance that are becoming distinguishing characteristics of this zealous chapter of the PSN.

The near completion of the Chapter’s Medical Directory was presented through the big efforts of Dr.  Rene Francisco, our pediatric nephrologist from Nueva Ecija.  The chapter assigns a premium on open communication lines between colleagues and the directory facilitated easy access between us.

The Nephroprojects/Nephroprograms are planned to bring out the camarederie and unity among the members.  The Chapter boasts of major activities that will showcase the members' capability and commitment in serving PSN. 

First in line will be the traditional Inter-hospital Nephrology Quiz this October 2013 to be held in Nueva Ecija.  Already on its third edition, this unique competition, pioneered by the Central Luzon chapter continues to challenge Internal Medicine residents of PCP accredited programs in the region to master their knowledge on Nephrology. It will be handled by one of our Board Members, Dr. Roland Valdez of Nueva Ecija and Dr. Rocelia Gonzales of Bulacan.

The Hemodialysis Workshop entitled "Hemodialysis Myths and Fallacies" will debut in January 2014 with Dr. Alejandro Sese of Pampanga and Dr. Agnes Bridget Estrella of Bulacan as the Over-all Chair and Scientific Committee Chair, respectively.  This promises to be an eye-opener for Central Luzon Nephrology nurses and technicians as well as Hemodialysis center duty physicians as this activity aims to eliminate erroneous hemodialysis practices and come up with a standardized protocol for Central Luzon.

The final activity for this term will be the World Kidney Day this March 2014 with its front liner, The PSN Central Luzon First Neph-Run to be held at the Parade Grounds of Clarkfield, Angeles, Pampanga with Dr. Biboy Suarez of Pampanga as the Over-all Organizer. A Lay Forum will then follow in Tarlac in cooperation with the Philippine Society of Endocrinology Central Luzon Members through its Board Member, Dr. Mary Jane Gutierrez, our guest Endocrinologist from Bulacan.

The discussions on the Hemodialysis Summit Guidelines were presented by the dynamic current PSN Central Luzon President, Dr. Mara Baking-Tugade and Board Member, Dr. Mary Lynn Due as the Moderator. These guidelines comprised sensitive and critical issues that concerned not only members of the chapter, but the entire society.  Some of these issues have been brewing all over the nation but among the first brave voices to articulate them were those from the Central Luzon Chapter.

Dr. Mary Lynn Due did a very good job in making the discussions very interactive and productive as everyone was given a chance to share their own concerns, misconceptions and problems which were very well addressed by our Resource Speakers.

The PSN Central Luzon Chapter was very thankful that their voices were heard and continues to hope that an order will be made to settle all the lingering Hemodialysis Issues.

The PSN Central Luzon 2013 saga began with a very successful dialysis family day last June 22, 2013 and the fervor continued to blaze on to the First General Assembly exactly a month later.  Many of the projects that were launched this year are ground-breaking.  In 2013, the chapter revealed its priority for continuing renal education.  The members were tasked to hold monthly lecture activities in every province of the chapter.  In association with a partner from pharmaceutical industry, these lectures are to be conducted by a chapter member of the province.  Initially, the learning activity was planned to be a discussion of a product related subject but members articulated the desire to focus on continuing renal/nephrology education.  Suggestions were made to either discuss an interesting chapter from Brenner and Rector’s Ninth Edition or to report/critique a current remarkable journal article. 

Before the sun could set on the First General Assembly, our President, Dra. Mara Tugade adjourned the meeting at the Green Kitchen but many members, the Presidents included, eventually gravitated to the nearby residence of Dr. Marizel Mallari-Catungal for coffee and more talk.  Nephrology and PSN etched on our minds and spirits, our interests will always burn all throughout this year and for many years to come!

UST Hospital Celebrates World Kidney Day 2013

UST Hospital Celebrates World Kidney Day 2013

On March 14, 2013, the Philippines joined other countries around the globe in celebrating World Kidney Day to the theme of “Kidneys for Life: Stop Kidney Attack”. World Kidney Day (WKD) is a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN), the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF) and the Philippine Society of Nephrology held annually on the second Thursday of March to raise awareness on the importance of our kidneys to our overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease worldwide. This year’s theme aimed to inform on how to prevent and stop kidney failure.

For this event, the Section of Nephrology of the University of Santo Tomas was tasked by the Philippine Society of Nephrology (PSN) to be at the helm of the celebration. It was held at the Central Seminary Gym of the University of Santo Tomas. The celebration was spearheaded by Dra. Elizabeth Angelica Roasa, Chair, Section of Nephrology and Dra. Stephanie Andres, WKD Head. Our PSN President, Dra. Nenita Collantes opened the program with some mind opening messages for the participants. The celebration was also supported by different doctors from Internal Medicine, Pediatric and Adult Nephrology and Rheumatology.

The Participants, which, included kidney patients, on or not on dialysis, their families, doctors and nurses, were invited to join in a short power stretching routine to start the day. Lectures on nephrotoxic drugs and herbal medications were conducted by Dra. Josephine Valdez and renal nutrition followed, conducted by Miss Emily Bigsot to emphasize their significance on the health of our kidneys.

This year, essay writing and photography contests were held to express and share how to stop kidney attack. The winners for the Essay writing contest are Mr. Bernardo Camara with his essay entitled “Tunay na Pag-ibig sa Ikalawang Pagkakataon” for Filipino Category and Ms. Maria Bulaklak Ausente for her essay entitled  “ The Day I said Hi to CKD” for the English Category. For the Photography Contest, the winners are Ms. Jobelija Estreller, “Keeping the Faith”, first prize, Ms. Marifel Joy Valerio, “Strength Beyond Illness”, second prize, and Dr. Gerard Perlas “Feeling of Uncertainty”, third prize. Special awards were given to Mr. Raniel Castaneda for his work “We Do Love our Kidneys”, as Photo of the Year and Ms. Jobelija Estreller for “Keeping the Faith”, as People’s Choice. Other special prizes were given away thanks to our sponsors from the Pharmaceutical and Dialysis companies.

Participants were serenaded by our Physicians from UST Hospital and Makati Medical Center and an entertaining dance number was given by Doctors and Nurses from the Chinese General Hospital. Another power stretch was done to close the program. Overall, the program was a success, with participants going home with new knowledge on how to stop kidney attack.

Co-author: Ma. Katrina Simon

Southern Tagalog Chapter Celebrates National Kidney Month

Southern Tagalog Chapter Celebrates National Kidney Month

The Philippine Society of Nephrology Southern Tagalog Chapter and Dela Salle University Medical Center Department of Internal Medicine conducted a lay forum in keeping up with the celebration of the National Kidney month last June 25, 2012 at the OPD Waiting area of DLSUMC, Dasmarinas, Cavite. The theme was: “Ikaw at Ako Panalo sa Malusog na Bato”.

The occasion was attended by OPD patients and their relatives. Dr. Josephine R. Valdez welcomed our guest speakers and audiences. One of the topics discussed included: What is Chronic Kidney Disease? lectured by Dr. Enrico Paolo Legaspi, a Senior Medical Resident at DLSUMC.

A discussion on Renal Nutrition followed, given by our hospital nutritionist Ms. Pinky Viloria. An overview of peritoneal dialysis was also given by Ms. Angela Mercado, a peritoneal dialysis nurse lecturer of Baxter. Active audience participation was encouraged during the question and answer portion after each lecture. Refreshments were given and raffle prizes were given to those who actively participated.

Dra. Marie Fe Vergara – Lim Dy gave the closing remark in behalf of our chairman, Dr. Eugene Castillo. The program ended at 10:00am.