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Hott Project: Recommendations out

Hott Project: Recommendations out

Reposted for the general membership:



Dear Colleague,

It is our pleasure to inform you that the HOTT project's recommendations have been completed and can now be downloaded from the project's website,


The recommendations were formulated and subsequently written by 40 anti-organ trafficking experts that participated in the project’s symposium in November 2014. The recommendations aim to improve the non-legislative response to trafficking in human beings for organ removal and address the following topics (by clicking on the recommendation, you will be directed to the report):



  1. The legal and ethical obligations of health care providers
  2. Protection of persons targeted or trafficked for organ removal
  3. Improving cross-border collaboration in criminal cases
  4. Stimulating and enhancing partnerships between transplant professionals and law enforcement


We thank the experts for their enthusiasm and dedication in completing these reports!

We are also pleased to share indicators that were developed under the project: these have been written for law enforcement, transplant professionals and victim support workers to help data collection and identification of trafficking in persons for the purpose of organ removal.

We encourage you to circulate the reports to persons in your network that could benefit from these results.

The project’s research results will be published in a book at the beginning of 2016. If you wish to receive a free copy, but have not yet communicated this to us, then please e-mail your request and shipping address to

We hope to have informed you sufficiently.


With kind wishes,


Willem Weimar, Frederike Ambagtsheer, Linde van Balen and Marian van Noord,
Erasmus MC University Hospital, The Netherlands


Susanne Lundin, Martin Gunnarson and Ingela Byström,     
Lund University, Sweden  


Assya Pascalev and Jordan Yankov,     
Bulgarian Center for Bioethics, Bulgaria     


Mihaela Frunza,   
Academic Society for the Research of Religions and Ideologies, Romania



Copyright ©  Erasmus MC / ELPAT, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you expressed an interest in HOTT Projects events.


For questions, contact us at:
Erasmus MC / ELPAT
P.O. Box 240
Dept. of Kidney Transplantation, Room Na-510
Rotterdam, Zh 3000 CA

Managing the Difficult Dialysis Patient

Managing the Difficult Dialysis Patient

The Department of Adult Nephrology of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute is inviting all dialysis practitioners to attend the 22nd Postgraduate Course in Dialysis this coming October 22 to 24, 2015 at the Conference Halls of the Institute.


Carrying the theme, “Managing the Difficult Dialysis Patient”, the carefully planned scientific program will cover the clinical challenges and complexities in taking care of the dialysis patient.


The course offers a full scientific program featuring 54 highly relevant and informative lectures that will be delivered by leading local experts. It will also have pre-convention workshops on peritoneal dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy and separate workshops for the renal technician and dietician. This year, a highly respected luminary in the field of Nephrology from Japan, Dr. Ikuno Makane, will be coming over to talk about the Japanese method dialysis.


This year about 1,300 delegates from all over the country are expected to register for the meeting. Due to the limited venue space, the course will be offered on limited slots, on a first come, first served basis. The convention proper will be open to the first 200 MDs and 900 RNs, while the pre-congress activities will only accept 100, 50, 100 and 50 participants for the PD, CRRT, renal technician and renal dietician workshops respectively.


As a gentle reminder, there will be no on-site registration. The registration starts on September 21, 2015 and the registration rates are as follow:



October 22, 2015

Registration Fee


  1. Peritoneal Dialysis

MDs = 2,000

RNs = 1,800

  1. CRRT


  1. Renal Technician


  1. Renal Dietician



October 23 & 24, 2015

Consultant = 2,000

Fellow/Resident in-training = 1,800

RN/Technician/Dietician = 1,800



All payments are non-refundable. Once the registration slots are already taken, the organizing committee reserves the right to decline any intended payment or reservation.


For further inquiries and pre-registration, you may contact the secretariat through the following:

                        Tel. No. (02) 981-0400 local 2109 (CAPD Clinic)

                        Mobile no. 0927-35229400 (Ms. Maila Almirez, RN)

                        Email Address:


With much anticipation, we look forward to seeing you in October in what promises to be a truly enriching educational scientific experience. Together, let us learn the best practices on how to treat and improve the lives of our dialysis patients.

Specialty Board Examination Results

Specialty Board Examination Results

The Adult Specialty Board in Nephrology (ASBN), headed by its Chair Dr. Albert G. Lu, conducted this year's board examination on August 2 (written) and August 9 (oral). A total of 38 candidates took the written exam of which 35 or 92% became eligible to take the oral exam. Of the 35 eligible candidates, 32 or 91.4% passed the oral examinations.




Adult Specialty Board in Nephrology Passers: August 2015:

  Name of Successful Examinees Training Institution
1 Alonto-Panolong, Murshida U. NKTI
2 Anicoche, Ma. Melmar S. MMC
3 Bacinillo-Araneta, Maricris  NKTI
4 Buelva-Martin, Ailene R.              SLMC
5 Burungawan, Nur-Hannah B. NKTI
6 Cabuay, Sherilyn R. VMMC
7 Carpio, Rica S.           NKTI
8 Consignado, Rodellenn D.           SLMC
9 David, Paolo Miguel A.  NKTI
10 Delos Reyes, Ivy N.  CHH
11 Dignadice, Marymil B  UP-PGH
12 Dones, Dan Michael C.  UP-PGH
13 Filio, Vincent Paul V.  MMC
14 Hernandez-Lim, Karen Ann  TMC
15 Indo, Ariel S. NKTI
16 Jamoralin, Paolo O.  MMC
17 Lao, Janice Jill K.        UP-PGH
18 Libarios, Deanna Rae C. NKTI
19 Lim-Gaw Te, Kathleen Ann E. USTH
20 Lio, Rizza Ann B.  UP-PGH
21 Mabras, Floravil M. UP-PGH
22 Magbanua-Provido, Sheina Marie USTH
23 Manalili-Diloy, Sheena Ann  NKTI
24 Mercado, Andrew G  MMC
25 Montalbo, Joengelee R.  NKTI
26 Rosales-Cosing, Madelaine  SLMC
27 Samporna, Marichel C.  CHH
28 Sevilla, Cherry J.        CGH
29 Soriano, Joemie D.  CGH
30 Tan-Garupa, Dawn C.  PSH
31 Umali-Sunga, Gelen Vestalez C.                  TMC
32 Yapching-Montesco, Ligaya Santa L.  UP-PGH


Those who are in the list are recommended for formal induction and acceptance into the PSN Membership on its 11th Midyear Convention on October 9, 2015 in Vigan Convention Center, VIgan CIty. 




The winning team in Sepsis includes the Able Nephrologist

The winning team in Sepsis includes the Able Nephrologist

The Section of Nephrology of The Medical City in cooperation with the Philippine Society of Nephrology  will be hosting the second Nephrology forum for the year entitled “ The Winning Team  in Sepsis includes the able Nephrologist.”.



It will be held at the TMC 4th floor Conference room 1 and 2 on August 29, 2015, Saturday at 1 pm. The guest lectures are Dra. Irmingarda Gueco, Dr. Noel Castillo, Dr. Roberto Tanchanco and Dra. Elizabeth Sebastian. Admission is free.  For more information please call +639175112280   and look for Dr. Mary Grace Gomez.



Midyear Convention in Vigan

Midyear Convention in Vigan

See all messages from the mid year convention organizers.

June 5, 2015


Dear Colleague:


PSN Northern Luzon Chapter cordially invites you on October 9-11, 2015 for the 11th Midyear Convention at the heritage city of Vigan. Vigan was recently declared as one of the New Seven Wonder Cities of the World and it is with great honor that you join us in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie.


We will be having our Fellowship Night on October 10 at the Vigan City Convention Center with the theme of “Funtabulous North”.  In line with the theme we encourage you to wear your best Filipiniana-inspired attire.


To showcase the beauty of Vigan and Ilocano culture, we will be holding an Abel Fashion Show Contest during the Fellowship night. Abel Iloko is the indigenous woven cloth of Vigan and the Ilocos area, an age-old tradition, which dates back to the PreColonial Era.


Regular notifications will be announced via the PSN Facebook page and PSN website. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in the Wonder City of Vigan.







1. Each Chapter is REQUIRED to have at least one male and one female member participate.
2. There is no limit as to the number of participants per chapter.
3. The contest is also open to all members of the Philippine Society of Nephrology, their family members, and medical representatives.


1. All entries must utilize the authentic Vigan Abel
2. Outfit must be Formal Wear / Formal Filipiniana theme


How to Apply
1. All participants must notify the Midyear Convention Socials committee of their intent to participate.
2. Contact details: Ruchelle Turqueza- Cellphone: 09175469238 or email
3. Deadline of submission of applications is before September 30, 2015


How to purchase the Abel
1. Sample swatches will be posted on PSN Facebook page and will also be made available at the PSN Office and orders can be made there
2. Orders can also be made by contacting Dr. Ruchelle Turqueza (with additional add on shipping charge)
3. Abel is priced at P80.00/yard


Award Categories
1. Best Outfit (judged for its originality, design detail, audience appeal)
2. Best Model of the Night (judged for beauty and elegance, audience appeal)


For more information, please follow the link: Midyear Convention

Oops! … I treated again! I’m not that Innocent

Oops! … I treated again! I’m not that Innocent


The University of Santo Tomas Hospital in cooperation with the Philippine Society of Nephrology will be hosting the 2nd Nephrology forum  entitled “Asymptomatic Bacteriuria -  Oops! … I treated again!  I’m not that Innocent”  on February 28, 2015, 1 pm at the   4th floor Benavides Cancer Institute Auditorium.  It will be an interactive case presentation with  Dr. Joseph Paul Galutira, Dr. Maria Stella Navarro, Dr. Marie Rhona Bergatin as reactors.  

Admission is free. For more information, please call UST Hospital – Center for Kidney Disease telephone no. 731-30-01 loc. 2330.

Invitation: Nephro Forum

Invitation: Nephro Forum

The Section of Nephrology of Veterans Memorial Medical Center in cooperation with the PSN is holding a nephrology forum entitled "The Unlikely Pair: Lupus in Males" 1 PM, Saturday, November 29 at the Fullon Hall of Veterans Memorial Medical Center. 

The clinical case will be discussed by Dr. Charmaine Joy Mique-Almojuela while the discussants will be Drs. Sonia Chicano and Ramon Mora. Admission is free for all PSN Members and Members-in-training. For more information, please call Veterans Memorial Medical Center Trunkline: (632) 9276425-45.


DOH alerts public on recalled Meparin 5 & Meparin 25

DOH alerts public on recalled Meparin 5 & Meparin 25

Following the reports of unusually high incidences of chills in several dialysis centers in Manila, Bulacan, Valenzuela and Batangas, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) after due investigations has issued a recall order on the blood anti-coagulant Meparin 5 and Meparin 25. This brand of Heparin Sodium manufactured by MedChem International Ltd has been found to have been contaminated by an undisclosed bacterial specie. Further investigations on other parenteral products of MedChem are underway.

The Department of Health (DOH) therefore enjoins all hospitals, dialysis centers and clinics to refrain from using Meparin 5 and Meparin 25, and to report to the FDA or DOH any suspicious clustering of symptoms such as the those experienced by the hospitals & dialysis centers in the above-mentioned areas.


Consumers may contact Pharma-Surrey International Inc at telephone number +6324128364, or e-mail at Consumer may also email the FDA at for any question or additional information regarding the product recall.


Related References

Full details of the FDA Advisory


Investing for the Future Now

Investing for the Future Now

In our culture, one of the things that is considered taboo in conversations is the subject of money. We do not ask a friend or a relative how much he or she is earning, saving or spending. But really, we doctors are not like regular employees. We do not get a 13th month pay, neither do we get paid vacation and sick leaves, unless we are government physicians. We are as good as our capacity to hold clinic and do our rounds.

Having attended several financial management talks inspired me to not only save, but start investing. Yes, invest for retirement. Who wouldn't prepare if, horror of horrors, you see the roots of your hair start to turn gray?

Shocking, but statistics have shown that only 2% of Filipinos are financially free after retirement. Do you think your social security will be sufficient to support you when you already have a dual citizenship? There are two types of income, active and passive. Active income is what you earn by working. The minute you stop working, the income stops coming in. That's why it pays to have a passive income, one that earns without you doing anything. Passive income comes from the interest earned, rental fro properties, etc. A lot of us are probably guilty of allowing our hard-earned money to sleep in a savings account which gives a measly interest of less than 1% per annum. Even time deposits could not offset the inflation rate of about 5%. There are other investment options like government bonds, UITF, mutual funds, stocks, etc. that could generate more income. Just understand what you are getting into, or engage the services of a financial adviser to do the planning for you.

One way to help in your investment decisions is the Rule of 72. Take 72 and divide it by the interest rate to get the number of years it will take for your money to double. Say, you invested in an instrument that earns 12% per year. Your principal will double in 6 years. As one of the financial gurus said, your financial objectives should revolve around three things: PURPOSE, TARGET, and TIME. Purpose is the reason why you are investing. Target is your desired amount to reach. And time is the period you have to achieve your target.

Our purpose is retirement. Our target is a comfortable lifestlye. Our time should start now.

Simple & Relevant

Simple & Relevant

The issues that surrounds the Philippines are varied and tumultuous. Issues on pork barrel, the response to the Yolanda Victims, the lost of an airline in midair, the Pope, Russia and Ukraine—all these issues always have lessons for us to learn.

This makes things more understandable. A good professor is somebody who can teach ideas in a manner relevant to our lives and can be easily understood. The Pope did not change any of the major doctrines but the way he lives his life and kurt messages makes things easily acceptable.

In the celebration of WORLD KIDNEY DAY, a simple gesture of starting a day with a glass of water is heart warming. No extravagant happenings. Less pompous celebrations, now with less fun fare. Today being simple does not mean that the relevance is lessened. In the hospital, people tend to see it as a practical and very easy to follow. That I believe is PSN now – understandable and relevant. It takes on projects that are viable and time bound. The Hemodialysis Summit, the active participation to the PHIC issues, The Yolanda victims and the PSN response, the prospects of transitioning all these and much more proves that the PSN is SENSITIVE, simplifies and relevant.