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Other Projects

Electronic Elections

During the 33rd Annual PSN Convention in 2013, the Committee on Elections of the PSN, spent around 10 hours in a closed room manually tallying the votes for the NBOT and CBOT. Each vote was announced and about five people would tally the recited votes. The winners were only declared once all the scores would tally from all the five people who tallied the votes. Needless to say, in 2014, the Board, on the advise of Dr. Nenita Collantes consulted with the Website Committee on the possibility of conducting the elections electronically. Even with many available election software, The Website Committee felt it would be best to build the software from scratch but using foundations of Advanced Poll API from Drupal. This new and easier way of conducting the elections was welcomed by PSN members. The results were available as soon as the voting booths closed.


eReview Course


The CME Committee is a component arm of PSN tasked to capacitate its members to become globally competitive in the field of nephrology. From 2012 to 2013, the CME Comittee embarked on the eReview Project where candidates from different training institutions around the country could participate in this official review course on-line for the Nephrology diplomate examinations. 

The Website Committee, building on the experience of the UP-PGH Section of Nephrology/School of Medicine, built the course using the universally-accepted, open source software Moodle. We used the domain for the project. Although it was fairly effective, majority of candidates preferred the traditional pen and paper & didactic method of review. Hence in 2014, the Fellow's In-Service Examination replaced the eReview course as the main method for exam preparation.